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An account of what was seen and what was felt during a recent trip (16th to 31st October 2014) to Sriganganagar, Pathankot, Jammu and Haryana. 


Again at Sriganganagar!  But this time to speak in the 'Spiritual Growth Conference' for the Believers from 80 Villages of the District, mostly illiterate and   less-literate.  Despite crops season about 350 attended the study Conference. Studies and word ministries were  led along with Bro. Stephen Cherian (Jodhpur, Rajasthan)  and Dr. Shaiju Varghese, Chennai (SBC). 

Apart from the Assembly at the District Head Quarters, two more New Testament pattern Assembly testimonies are in place at Khajuwala and 9LPM, both are remote Villages in Sri Ganganagar. The  ground is ready by several years of strenuous labour of Evg. Darshan Singh to plant more Assemblies in the area.  Evangelist Arpan Paul as well is serving the Lord with Evg. Darshan Singh. Though not commented, Bro. Vijender and Bro. Kulwinder are assisting Bro. Darshan Singh in Village ministries. They  have mobilisation restrictions as they depend on Bus services that is available once in a while only.

After my first visit in June 2013, I have reported on the need of a Children's Home to rear up and educate Village children who are denied education.  Preliminary work including trust registration is over.  An old Family owned House of Evg. Darshan Singh was renovated. Arpan and Susan are now in the process of giving  it the final touch.   

The Assembly Hall at the top of the House of Evg. Darshan Singh is increasingly becoming insufficient in space and facilities.  Need of a bigger Assembly Hall with allied facilities is an impending need.  

Needs Felt: 

1. Expenditure of similar Study Conferences for Village Believers is exorbitant.  
    Need more support. 

2. More Hindi/Punjabi speaking workers are needed to start new Assemblies in Villages. 

3. Support for Children's Home, about to be started. 

4. Need of a new Assembly Hall with some accommodation facilities. 

If God moves in your heart to know more about these ministries or to support,  please directly contact :

Evangelist Darshan Singh 
E-Mail: darshansinghgharu@yahoo.com  or Mobile   +91-9828038926


The most strategic military cantonment city has a track of evangelisation and Assembly planting right from early 70s and the ministries of pioneer Evangelist K. K. Oommen  had been only news to me for prayer since my college days.   

Travel through the north western border towns of Punjab towards the bottleneck city of Pathankot  bordering Pakistan, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu has been a special experience, covering the pathways that Sadhu Sundhar Singh once had his missionary journey towards Tibet.  

While ministering to  the Believers of the town Assembly, found along with the pioneer servant of God Oommen, two Punjabi young men, Bro. Rajkumar and Bro. Mulash Kumar, who had completed their studies from Gospel Training Center (GTC), Perumbavoor and  are  submissive to the Assembly  involved in  outreach ministries, awaiting commendation. 

A distinctive style and updated method has been noticed in the Pauline style work of Evg. Sam Jacob - an Ex-Air Force Ground Engineer,  along his wife Lindsey, an Ex-Nursing College Principal.  God mentored Sam particularly for the work in Punjab Villages right from his career days with IAF, during his posting  in Punjab and neighbouring cities.  Sam hails from a devoted family who stood for the Lord for generations. His father late Evangelist  P. V. Jacob, Bhilai who left his then lucrative job as a High School Teacher during late 60s and dedicated for full time ministry,  who even prior to  then  was instrumental to plant three Assemblies in Kerala.  And the passionate Evangelist Billy P. Jacob and Evangelist George Jacob at the north eastern bottle neck city of Siliguri are Sam's elder Brothers.  His sister Glory and her husband Sajan are burning souls towards the ministries of India, based in Sharjah, UAE.  All other family members are very much involved in the Lord's ministry. 
Once a  Lord's servant had  observed as "If we plan to plant an Assembly, prayerfully begin a children's club or Sunday school, it would  eventually  become an Assembly," and such has been the style of Sam's ministries even when he has been involved in evangelism prior to set apart himself full time for the Lord's Ministry. Commenced children's ministries in 5 labour colonies and villages around Pathankot, trained young people and through them reached the family members of those children attending the clubs. Two training programs for Teenage and young adults had conducted during 2014 itself.  One Assembly was formed at Dheera and ground work of another  at Deenanagar too is ready. 
Gospel meetings held in two Villages went on well crowded by Sikhs who were guided to the  'Real Guru' from Heaven unlike their human gurus.  Responses from the Sikhs were excellent, an indication that Punjab is ready to receive Gospel without much oppositions.  I challenge the teams from South India and Gulf countries to plan Village outreach work joined with local Assemblies and Evangelists.  

From  Pathankot  towards north it was a long drive to reach Billawar,  a remote Village at Jammu  to meet the newly formed Dogri speaking Assembly under the leadership of Evg. Shiva Dutt.  It was a high range experience 
On the way to Billawar, I met Evg. Linto Thomas at Kathua, Jammu, where I was able to see the Assembly Hall -cum-residence project in progress.  

Needs  Felt:

1. Constant prayers and support as daily running and maintenance charges of vehicles, etc. are exorbitant. Villages are spread around in far distances. 

2. An Assembly Hall with some facilities for training etc. as 46 men and women got newly baptized since 2013. Currently there are two home assemblies where these Believers gather.    Advance is given for  10 cents of  Land to be  registered with the Steward Association of India  and the total project cost  is Rs. 35  to 40 lakhs.  

3. Let's pray for the Dogri  home Assembly at Billawar, Jammu and the work of Evg. Shiva Dutt. 

4. Pray that God will raise more labourers for  these Villages.

Contact Details of Sam P.  Jacob: 
E-Mail : sam4lordjesus@yahoo.com 
Mobile  0091 9815395659 


Rothak, Harayana was the next station to speak in the Harayana Youth Camp organized by the Harayana  Brethren Ministries.  It is good to see the joint work of the Assemblies in progress  and  all Evangelists in Harayana  have joined hands together to provide leadership in evangelism and Assembly planting.  Brothers  Samuel Thomas, Steven Cherian, Samuel Abraham and Alex Baby were co-speakers.  Clear doctrinal oriented messages with practical emphasis were communicated during the Youth Camp.  

Visited the site of proposed Rothak Assembly Hall. The Assembly gathers now in the home of  Evangelist P. S. Sunny who has been serving the Lord for the past two decades.  A plot is purchased and is registered with Operation Barnabas. However, there is an urgent need to come up an Assembly Hall, probably with a decent accommodation for the Evangelist and family.  

All the 18 inmates of Children's Home at Faridabad run by Evg. Edwin Paul and his wife Rustina have attended the Conference.  Children's home deserve more support.  

Needs Felt

1. More support to Haryana Brethren Assembly ministers. 
Contact: Bro. Thilak Pappu  +91-9810510701

2. Support to the children's home at Faridabad.
Contact: Bro. Edwin Paul +91- 9899017113

3. Support to Rothak Assembly Hall  Building.
Contact: Bro. P. S. Sunny +91 9466594378

Should you desire to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact me: 

Also, please visit www.rajanthomas.com to download my Books, articles, study presentations, audio and video messages, etc.  

Rajan Thomas - Bahrain 



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