The world is changing so fast that often Christians are left 50 to 100 years behind the society. While it is not necessary to walk in step with the society, and while there is often a need to walk contrary to the society, ignorance of what is happening around is not going to be a spiritual virtue.

Ignorance is not a virtue because the human society has mastery over exploiting our ignorance and our weak points to seduce us to sin. After all, the human society is controlled by the Master Seducer, the Serpant of Eden, who did the first seduction, and who is looking to do the last one too.

Unless we know what is happening around, our own children will be the fist casualty. That is because it is we who need to guide them to be wise, but if we do not know what is happening around there is no way in which we can guide them. I keep hearing of various questions that children ask their parents on coming home. A good number of parents, alas, are not ready to answer -- though the answes are relatively simple.

Dr. Johnson C. Philip

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