Man is basically selfish. Though there are numerous philanthropists around the world, they are only an insignificant minority when one takes the total population into account. Thus one can safely say in general that mankind is selfish.

Look at the way selfish people cut you off in traffic. Look at the way people try to jump queues, get unmerited favor, and get privileges that they do not deserve. Go to countries where public facilities do not match between the demand-supply chain and you will see selfishness on its peak. Look at the world. You will see hundreds of wars ethnic strifes and warlords who have only one aim -- plunder the innocent and helpless.

Christianity is just the opposite. Instead of exploiting the helpless, the all-powerful God allowed Lord Jesus to die on their behalf so that they could be made rich. But the world has so much possessed the mind of Christians that now many so-called Christians have started defining God not as the "generous-giver" but as the selfish tyrant who is trying to selfishly create a kingdom of privileged unto Himself.

My reference is specifically to an aberrant teaching that is gradually rising its head among Christians that there is no need to preach the gospel and that there is no need to invite sinners to the free gift of salvation.

According to this new teaching, Christ did not die for the whole world. They claim that Christ died only for a select elite and that the non-elite cannot come to salvation because Christ did not die for them. Thus, according to them, telling common people that Christ died for them is wrong because the common people are not part of this selected elite.

It needs a lot of selfishness and depravity to reduce God's love for the "entire mankind" to a love for the "select elite", yet some have risen to say "Let us make God in our image, who is as selfish as we are".

Every Christian feels that Sunday Schools are vital for the Christian community, but many claim that their Sunday Schools failed to impart them anything substantial. This brings us to the question about planning our Sunday Schools.

Are our Sunday Schools well planned or Ill planned? I mean do the teachers ever sit together to reflect upon what they ought to teach, why they ought to teach, and how they ought to teach. Or do most of them simply memorize and vomit in the class what their grandfather once taught in the same church.

Surely Sunday School is and important place where a person's world-view is formed at a very early stage. but the question is, are our Sunday Schools a place where a Biblical world-view is imparted or a place where Bible-based stories are taught MECHANICALLY?

Do our Sunday School teachers meet occasionally to discuss, plan, and pray for the issues related to communicative divine viewpoint to the present generation, or do do they keep mechanically parroting stories without corresponding world-view lessons?

Yesterday there was a Bible class and this is what one of them argued:

1. Adam and Even had children only after they sinned. Thus childbearing is the result of sin. If man were still innocent, children would be born not of parents but in some other way.

2. Psalms says that "In sin did my mother conceive me". Thus it is obvious that*****is a sinful act.

The summary of what this brother said was that*****is sinful, and child-bearing is a punishment God inflicted upon man as a result of human sin. He then went on to say that he got this teaching from a prominent Brethren pulpit teacher. Obviously, prominent people are able to push a lot of teachings upon people because we are no longer Bereans.

Both the above teachings are totally contrary to the Bible. What do YOU say?
Some times back there was a discussion in a certain church in which I was also invited to participate. The discussion was about whether the church can do a certain thing, even if it offends the neighbors. I mentioned two things:

1. We as God's children are bound to love our neighbors and should not do anything that offends them, such as blasing our sound systems.

2. We need to obey all government laws related to sound pollution, parking, and other laws that are applicable to a church.

Almost everyone obeyed and there was a consensus that nothing should be done in that church building that is offensive to the neighbors or which are contrary to government regulation.

At that time a man jumped up and in a very crude and loud manner said "This is our church. The neighbors have no say even if we blast our sound system and produce intolerable sound. What is more, the government is nobody to interfere in anything related to this building. This buildig belongs to God, not to the government". Everyone thought that this brothers crude mannerisms in the name of Christianity were a mark of spiritual commitment. With that there was pandemonium and the meeting dissolved in anarchy. 

I feel that this kind of crude, insensitive, behavior towards our neighbors and this kind of anti-government stand has hurt us too much already.

What do YOU say?

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