I recently heard a brother saying he has decided not to make any new year resolutions because he has never been able to keep any resolutions in the past. He has decided to live as life comes and accept that as his resolution.

Let me ask you one thing. Suppose someone is practicing high-jump. One decides to erect a barrier to jump, and raise it higher each time he crosses. Another keeps jumping without any such yardstick. Who will become the champion? Will both of them attain the same result?

Is goal-setting against the Bible. Is the Bible against goal-setting by believers? What do YOU say? Should we make new year resolutions?

Coming to the question I asked above, the person who jumps without a mark will remain more or less at the same achievement level after one year of practice. The other one will go much higher. Thus believers need to do careful goal-setting, guided by spiritual wisdom, every year and even every day of their lives.

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