Grace Jestus Samuel


    Sis. Grace Justus Samuel (96)
    Wife of Late Bro. Justus Samuel, GFTI/ABTI/SBC, Chennai, India

    "She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness"
    (Pro. 31:26)

    Sis. Grace was born on 12th July, 1919, and was the youngest adorable daughter of the late Bro. K.G. Thomas and Sis. Saramma Thomas of Ranni, Kerala.

    She was saved at an early age through the ministry of the late Bro. Silas Fox and subsequently baptized before she came into fellowship with the believers at the Zionkunnu Brethren Assembly in Ranni. Their home was frequented by godly saints from India and abroad and she imbibed vital Biblical truths from them and her parents.

    Her father's keen desire was that she marries a godly man, well versed in the scriptures, and in 1942 she was married in Kerala to Bro. Justus Samuel from Bombay, an active and keen member of The Meeting Room, Fort, the very first Assembly in Bombay.

    Sis. Grace moved to Bombay in 1943 to join Justus and until 1977 she was in intimate fellowship with the saints at Fort and those were the unforgettable prime years of their lives. Bro. Justus had to shoulder heavy responsibilities as an Elder in the Assembly in addition to his being a Senior Manager in a Swiss firm but this was beautifully counterbalanced by Sis. Grace who threw open the doors of their home by way of loving care and gracious hospitality to countless saints and unsaved people.

    On Justus' retirement, they moved to Madras in 1977 where the GFTI ministry, which was founded in Bombay in 1953 by the late Bro. Gordon Ritchie and Bro. Justus, extended to the Stewards Bible College and the Bird Memorial Children's Home. In all these ministries, Sis. Grace played an important role as a loving caring mother to the saints at the Bethesda Chapel and to the students as well as the children.

    When Bro. Justus was called Home in 1997, Sis. Grace returned to Bombay to be looked after by her son & daughter in law and she continued to have close fellowship with believers from all the assemblies in the city.

    In the twilight year of her earthly life, she was nicknamed 'Amazing Grace' by Prof. Farokh
    Udwadia, the renowned physician, as she astonished doctors and intensivists with her
    tenacity in overcoming dire critical illnesses. But finally, all were unanimous in not denying
    her the greatest of all joys, of being with her beloved Lord and Saviour and so on Tuesday,
    8th December, 2015, at 2:30 pm, Sis. Grace went beautifully into the safe arms of Jesus Christ.

    The funeral service was held on Wednesday, 9th December, 2015 at Mumbai and many spoke appreciatively of her life and there was a well marked spiritual tone to the proceedings which was witnessed by a large number of believers and people from other faiths.


    Jacob Samuel & Shirly (Mumbai)

    Mary Koshy & Dr. P.K. Koshy (Puthencav, Chengannur)


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